Eenigenburg's Berry Farm


713 15th Ave NW (1400 North)
DeMotte, Indiana 46310

The Process

Each year on the farm is always a little different but some things with the blueberries just seem to unfold each year as the seasons come and the seasons go. And each year right about in the middle of the year we have this delicious fruit–blueberries–that we all enjoy! But just remember it takes 12 months of the year for this healthy blue fruit to develop and grow into the blueberries you all love! Take a little trip with us as we travel thru a typical year on a blueberry farm. 

Typical Year on the Blueberry Farm


1) The winter begins with beautiful snow covered fields and bushes. Looks like big cotton balls ready to be picked.

2) After the snow melts we prune all the bushes while they are dormant. Then we gather up all the sticks–load them all up and haul them out of the fields. Makes for a nice clean field to pick your berries.

3) As soon as the buds begin to turn into white blossoms we call our bee man and he brings in the honey bees to pollinate the crop.

4) A field full of blossoms. What a beautiful site to see fields of white with all the promise of blueberries coming soon.

5) The blossoms fall off and the green berries slowly start to size up and little by little they begin to turn blue.

6) Then what we all wait for each season. The bushes turn magnificent blue with clusters of delicious healthy blueberries.

7) After the season is done we continue to groom the fields as the buds begin to set for the next season. Then we watch as the bushes turn a beautiful fall red and we begin the whole cycle again.